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NFT  藝術作品

BUDDHA‘S PALM Collector Edition NFT Manga
如來神掌 珍藏版NFT漫畫

To purchase using other coins (i.e. DOGE Coin) kindly contact us via Whatsapp.

​如欲以其他加密貨幣(如 : 狗狗幣)購買,請透過Whatsapp 聯繫我們。

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"Buddha's Palm" is a fantasy wuxia manga series created by Hong Kong master artist Tong Wong. It is also referred to as "The Force of Buddha's Palm", and praised as one of the Top 4 Hong Kong manga series in the 80's and 90's.

The story focused on the adventures of the young apprentice of "Buddha Palm", the most powerful force which was long lost. One of the unique selling point was the protagonist of the manga would changed and passed down to his descendants throughout the story.

"Buddha's Palm" Collector Edition is a limited NFT manga, reformatted as a full color, Chinese language, 151-page PDF file.

©2021 Culturecom Holdings Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Exclusive licensed to Dragon & Tiger Heroes Media Group Ltd. Exclusive NFT published by MAVO Studio.

Disclaimer : All copyrights of the original work are properties of the copyright owner. This NFT artwork are limited to self-collection and transferable in the NFT marketplace. You are prohibited to use it for any other commercial purposes out of NFT included the content of the pictures in any media, carrier or merchandises, etc.





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