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NFT  藝術作品

Captain Phoenix


To purchase using other coins (i.e. DOGE Coin) kindly contact us via Whatsapp.

​如欲以其他加密貨幣(如 : 狗狗幣)購買,請透過Whatsapp 聯繫我們。

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Bryan Ng is a Hong Kong manga artist who worked for major publishers i.e. Freeman,Jademan, Jonesky, Jade Dynasty, etc.He was heavily involved in many heavy-weight Hong Kong manga : "Dragon Tiger Gate","KungFu", "The 8th Bronze Man of Shaolin Temple", etc.Bryan Ng formed Dream Comics Culture Association and joint hands with various Hong Kong artist to co-publish "Manga Buddy" magazine. "Captain Phoenix" was one of his short story published within,  featuring 15 pages of full color, high resolution, Chinese language short manga about soccer. This NFT version is limited to 50 copies only.


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