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NFT  藝術作品

DRUNKEN FIST Reissue Edition NFT Manga Vol.1

醉拳 復刻版NFT漫畫  第一冊

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“Drunken Fist” is a wuxia manga series created by Hong Kong master artist Tong Wong. The story focused on the adventures of the young man Wang WuJi, during the era of end of Qing dynasty. It is praised as one of the Top 4 Hong Kong manga series in the 80's and 90's. “Drunken Fist” is a unique style of combat where, the more you drink, the drunker you get, and the stronger you become. Drunken Fist fighters are not simply drunk: they become human powerhouses who'll strike unpredictably with an explosive fury and without any second thoughts about their actions. “Drunken Fist” fighting style become extremely popular after the international success of Jackie Chan's film "Drunken Master" in 1978.

"Drunken Fist" Reissue Edition is a limited copies NFT manga, reformatted as a full color, Chinese language, 34-page PDF file. Vol.2 coming soon.

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Disclaimer : All copyrights of the original work are properties of the copyright owner. This NFT artwork are limited to self-collection and transferable in the NFT marketplace. You are prohibited to use it for any other commercial purposes out of NFT included the content of the pictures in any media, carrier or merchandises, etc.




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