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NFT  藝術作品


潮人玩具品牌 Dweey

To purchase using other coins (i.e. DOGE Coin) kindly contact us via Whatsapp.

​如欲以其他加密貨幣(如 : 狗狗幣)購買,請透過Whatsapp 聯繫我們。

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Dweey has come a long way of determining

who she really is. "Oh my god! What a cute little cow!" is what she's been hearing all the while. Dweey may look like a cow to you and you and you, But! She’s not a cow.     

Dweey's the fabulous, one and only of what

you can know as – a short necked giraffe, for

living a blissful contemporary urban life in the

city of sky scrapers and many man cars. And

there's one more thing.  Don't ever tell Dweey she's cute. Just tell her she's pretty.


Dweey is created by Malaysian creator Luk Chee Chew.


Disclaimer : All copyrights of the original work are properties of the copyright owner. This NFT artwork are limited to self-collection and transferable in the NFT marketplace. You are prohibited to use it for any other commercial purposes out of NFT included the content of the pictures in any media, carrier or merchandises, etc.


Dweey 是馬來西亞設計師 Luk Chee Chew 所設計的潮人玩具。它像牛,卻不是牛,它更像是脖子比較短的長頸鹿。它是個吃貨,也有獨特的個性。別說它可愛,說它漂亮就可!



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