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NFT  藝術作品

Teddy Boy - AndyChan

古惑仔 - 洪興社龍頭陳浩南

Andy Chan

To purchase using other coins (i.e. DOGE Coin) kindly contact us via Whatsapp.

​如欲以其他加密貨幣(如 : 狗狗幣)購買,請透過Whatsapp 聯繫我們。

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Andy Chan was the protagonist of Hong Kong's longest running comic "Teddy Boy", who fought his way up in a triad called "HungHing", from the very bottom until he became the archleader. He was smart, tough, loyal but also cunning as it was the necessary evil to survive in the world of organized crime.

This NFT art collection featured Andy Chan smoking cigar, the poem that praised him, dragon background that signified his power, with signatures of the creators Cowman and Yu Kwok-Lun. Limited to 5 pieces only. Buyer will received a signature board signed by the creators, international shipping included.

陳浩南綽號靚仔南,是香港最長篇漫畫 "古惑仔" 的男主角,在黑道打滾多年,並憑努力從 “洪興社” 最底層的“四九仔”晉升為最高領導“龍頭”。陳浩南不單聰明、堅毅、講義氣、有遠見,也同時具備狡詐的應變能力,確保他能在黑道長久立足。

本 NFT 畫作呈現沉思的陳浩南抽雪茄,背後為龍紋圖案及讚頌陳浩南的詩句,附原創者 牛佬 及 倫裕國 的簽名。限量僅5張。成功購買者附送一張牛佬及倫裕國簽名紙板,包含國際配送。

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