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NFT  藝術作品

TAN ENG HUAT with Legend of Water Margin

陳永發 - 水滸外傳

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Tan Eng Huat also known as Kutu, is a Malaysian comic penciller and inker, his art style is heavily influenced by American, European and Hong Kong wuxia styles. His was discovered by Jack Lee and employed as artist, and created many cover art pieces for Hong Kong manga "The Legend of Water Margin". After meeting DC Comics publishers Andy Helfer at a conference on  Asian comics in 2001, it kickstarted his career as penciller and inker for many titles i.e. Doom Petrol, Batman, Thor, Judge Dredd, Silver Surfer,Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Avengers, Superman, X-Men, etc. Tan also received  Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award, Eisner Award 2002 and nominated for Best Penciller and Inker, Eisner Awards 2004.


"Tan Eng Huat with the Legend of Water Margin" is Tan's first illustration collection published in 1995, featuring his very first cover works for the Hong Kong wuxia comic "The Legend of Water Margin", a short spin-off comic in Chinese language, sketches and characters design. This very limited to 10pcs of NFT illustration collection is reformatted into a single PDF file which contains 85 pages of high resolution artworks.


Tan Eng Huat's Wikipedia Page :

陳永發,又名Kutu,馬來西亞知名漫畫家及插畫家,他的風格深受到歐美和香港漫畫的影響。他被當時漫畫城創辦人Jack Lee 發掘而加入旗下,成為主要美術主筆,負責《水滸傳承》封面美術。2001年他在亞洲的漫畫研討會上和DC漫畫的出版人Andy Helfer見面後,開啟了他進入美漫的事業,為大量知名漫畫擔當線稿師和墨稿師,畫過的人物包括:末日巡邏隊、蝙蝠俠、雷神索爾、超時空戰警、銀影俠、幽靈騎士、死侍、復仇者聯盟 、 超人及X戰警等。 陳永發亦曾榮獲2002年艾斯納獎Russ Manning最佳新人獎,及入圍 2004年艾斯納獎最佳線稿師和墨稿師 。





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