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NFT  藝術作品

Teddy Boy - Benny Tiger

古惑仔 - 洪興社龍頭韓賓

Benny Tiger

Benny Tiger was one of the main characters in Hong Kong's longest running comic "Teddy Boy", who were one of the 12 lieutenants of "HungHing" triad, he later replaced Andy Chan as the fourth archleader of the triad, but returned the throne to him years later. He was brave, tough, loyal, visionary, a one of the most important pillar for the triad.

This NFT art collection featured Benny Tiger sitting on his throne, with the traditional poem/motto of "HungHing" clan in the background, with signatures of the creators Cowman and Yu Kwok-Lun. Limited to 3 pieces only.


本 NFT 畫作呈現韓賓端坐在龍頭寶座上,背後為”洪興社招牌詩句“,附原創者牛佬及倫裕國的簽名。限量僅3張。

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